What is this "Life" You speak of?: askbrilliantblu: He glanced back at you, smiling. “Huh. It kept me...


He backed away again, his face twitching, emotion quickly come and faint again. “Y-you…m-mean…h-ha…”, he stuttered his lips twitching. He clamped his hand tighter around his eyesocket, scratching at his synthetic skin, making it rip, black cooler fluid trippling down. “…she…is…ha….ha-“, he looked at you, his puil shrank to a red dot shaking vigorously, trying hard to focus. The edges of his mouth twitching up into a croocked smile. “…ha…hahahahahahhahAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!!!!”, the laugh begins very faintly but then starting to get louder with every breath he take in. His hand on his eye sacked to his side, letting the bleeding flesh bare, and show the eye. It was black…the once white eye was black, and the red pupil got tiny circles in it. He still laughed walking up to you, with his most mismatched menacing eye, his laugh faded a bit as he arrived at you, He shook his head. “ooooh, yes brilliant! Th-that was really a brilliant move, luv! God…how i love these mind-fights.”, he chuckled, glancing at you. His hand trailed your face, your jawline, your neck, to your collarbone, lingering there, slowly draw circles there. “Ah well..I’m not a real good talker, or thinker that is…I’m more the man of…”, the grip of the cables intensified, more cables snaking around you lifting, supporting you, and stroking over places that make you twitch. One cable stroked over your cheeck, then rest on the back of your head, supporting your head. “…action, y’know”, he whispered licking his lips at the sight of you. “hmmmm….”, he leaned down huffing a small puff into your ear.

Azure gasped, her struggling starting anew at the movement of the cables, and she writhed, trying to move away and being utterly unable to. She gritted her teeth, shaking her head back and for as if to deny everything that was happening. “S-stop it! Stop it!!” She yelped, straining her arms uncomfortably to try and get away, the cables digging painful as they held her in place. She shuddered as he drew closer and breathed into her ear, her eyes closing in a flinch. “Why are you doing this?!” She cried out, leaning her head as far away as her neck would allow her to.